Hitman movie watered down to PG-13?

Written by Joe Martin

October 11, 2007 | 16:33

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There's a rule I invented which I call the Rule of Joe, which states that for each and every piece of good news there is an equal and opposite piece of news to help balance it out. That's how I explain that on the same day I write that a new Thundercats movie is in production (good news), I also end up writing that the Hitman movie may have been re-edited for younger audiences (bad news).

It's just a rumour right now, but according to Twitch the director of the Hitman movie has been pulled off the project by his higher-ups so that the film can be re-edited to cater for younger viewers.

The original edit would have apparently got itself an 'R' or 18 rating which the studio execs weren't happy with and they have allegedly intervened to ensure that the film gets a more family friendly PG-13 rating.

Because everyone wants to take their kids to see a film about a genetically modified hitman who wades through religious references to stealthily murder people for money.

Of course, how anybody thought that a family friendly version of Hitman was possible boggles our mind, or why'd they hire Xavier Gens to direct in the first place since his work has typically been filled with over-the-top violence of the bloodiest kind.

Will you be going to see the finished film, or did you (like us) come to the opinion from the trailer that the actor playing 47 is too young and the film looks too different to the game? Let us know in the forums.
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