Lego Star Wars to ship for Mac

Written by Wil Harris

June 15, 2005 | 08:44

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Aspyr Media, the leading company producing games conversions for the Mac, have announced that Lego Star Wars is almost done making the jump to Lightspeed, er, Mac.

Please, no jokes about Star Wars going to the Dark side, or Apple 'feeling the Force'.

(Arg, too late!)

According to Aspyr (via MacObserver) the game will require OSX 10.3.7, a 1GHz processor (either G4 or G5), 256MB of RAM and at least a Radeon 8500 / GeForceFX 5200 with 32MB RAM.

The game is due to hit in August, which officianados will note is a mere 3.5 months after the original game hit the consoles and the PC. Whilst this might seem like a monstrous lag, bear in mind that Mac users are still waiting for The Sims 2. The fools.

Mac enthusiasts everywhere are praying that, despite whatever else might come of the move to x86 processors, at least games might come out on time and perform at a decent pace.

Lego Star Wars is, as you surely all know by now, the tale of the Prequel Trilogy told via the medium of virtual lego. It's absolutely stunning, if a little short. It's developed by Travelers Tales, a small dev up in Manchester, England that we went to see recently. Having polished off this title, they're working on the Chronicles of Narnia, a blast-and-cast scheduled for release alongside the new film of the same name in November. We'll have more news on this very, very soon.

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