Matt Damon wanted Myst-like Bourne Game

Written by Joe Martin

May 1, 2008 | 11:39

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If you've been following the development of the Jason Bourne game Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy then you may have noticed that the player character in the screenshots doesn't look especially like Matt Damon. There's a reason for that, though MTV had to contact Damon's mother to find out what it was.

"Matt and I don't share the same views about violence in adult films, but we do see eye-to-eye on the importance of protecting children," said Mrs Damon when questioned. "We both support regulations to stop the marketing of violence in films to children through violent toys, products, and video games."

Yeah, it does seem a bit of a double-standard to associate yourself with violence in one medium but not the other, doesn't it?

Delving a little deeper though MTV found that actually the main reason he decided not to work on the game wasn't because of the violence, but because he thought the action genre wasn't a good match for the franchise. He wanted something a little more puzzle-y.

"I lobbied hard [with the video producers] to not make a first-person shooter game but to make it more like Myst," said Damon. "You know, to play with his amnesia or his memory... They weren't interested."

Hardly a surprise, but it's at least nice to hear that Damon was trying to actively get involved in the development of the game. Or is it? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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