Microsoft adds Direct Purchase feature to Mixer

February 21, 2018 | 11:05

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Mixer, Microsoft's answer to Amazon-owned game-streaming giant Twitch, has officially launched a new monetisation system for streamers: Direct Purchase, whereby viewers can pick up games and downloadable content without leaving the stream.

Designed to compete with both Amazon's Twitch and Google's YouTube Gaming, as well as the raft of less-popular streaming services out there, Mixer integrates directly into the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms. While the base functionality required of a game streaming site - video capture, live streaming, and interaction with viewers - has long been available, Microsoft has now announced a feature by which it hopes to both increase the popularity of the platform and give streamers a financial incentive to move from rival services: Direct Purchase.

'We consistently hear from gamers that what motivates new game purchases are streamers' content and recommendations,' claims Microsoft's Ben Favreau in the announcement. 'For many of us, watching a game stream is the best way to discover new games to enjoy or just to see what an older game is all about for the first time. Streamers often recommend games and DLC to their audiences, and we support rewarding them for purchases made based on their recommendation and gameplay. That’s the goal of Mixer Direct Purchase.'

When enabled on a streamer's account, Favreau explains, Direct Purchase will allow visitors to purchase the displayed content directly from the screen via a pop-up window - though, naturally, this only works within the Microsoft ecosystem, using either the Windows or Xbox variants of the Microsoft Store according to the viewer's platform. Streamers, meanwhile, will have the option of promoting base games, special editions, or downloadable content, and for their efforts will receive five percent of the purchase price after taxes.

Microsoft has confirmed the functionality is available now on selected channels, with a full roll-out in progress.

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