NESBuckle expands range

Written by Geoff Richards

August 29, 2005 | 06:03

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Geek fashionistas can rejoice: have now expanded their range. We first saw the NESBuckle a while ago - an ingenious way of recycling old NES gamepads by turning them into fully functional belt buckles.

If you're a little too young to go misty-eyed over the original Nintento system, you can now buy the SNESBuckle - made from a Super Famicon / Super Nintento controller - and the GenesisBuckle, which by now you can guess is made from a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive controller.

Atari - the original brand, not the renamed Infogrames, has achieved something of a cult status, with dozens of different T-shirt designs popping up in recent times. You can even now buy all your favourites original Atari 2600 games built into a retro joystick which plugs into your TV.

Well, the Atarfosi can now join in the fun too, because there is also AtariBuckle. However, this model appears to be somewhat less practical than the others, due to the protuding joystick. But who knows - maybe it will be handy to go clubbing with, elliciting comments such as 'Are you wearing an AtariBuckle or are you just glad to see me?'

Ahem. Here is the full range* of buckles, priced US$30-50:

*The fourth image shows the XboxBuckle, sporting the optional Memory Card onto which you can save the phone numbers of all the prospective dates that this belt will generate for you. OK, so the XboxBuckle is something we just made up - they are not for sale - but having moved from the sleek, cult design of the original NES gamepad to bulky Mega Drive pad and the just plain crazy Atari joystick, who knows where they will stop. Remember, you saw it here first.

If by now you are thinking that there is no way anyone would wear one of these out in public, think again: there is a growing gallery of customers who have submitted photos of themselves wearing their NESBuckles out and about.

Do you have an idea for wearable hardware? Is there a limit to what you can use to keep your jeans from falling down? We want to hear your thoughts.
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