New DS handheld on the way?

Written by Joe Martin

November 15, 2007 | 10:28

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Companies: #nintendo

Normally we try to stay away from posting unconfirmed rumours, but this one is so juicy that we might just haemorrhage if we don't spill the beans. That's not an entirely pleasant image, I know.

According to GameSpot a Pacific Crest Securities analyst has contacted them with some interesting Nintendo news. Evan Wilson apparently has strong ties to the handheld god and contacts in the company have confirmed to him that Nintendo has just finished a new revision of the Nintendo DS hardware.

"Our contacts indicate that a refreshed DS is complete. It is thinner (it has no GBA port), has on-board storage and larger screens. However, we do not expect a revamped Wii or DS until sales begin to tail off in all three major geographies." Said Evan.

The rumour is one which Nintendo is refusing to recognise for the moment and will not comment on at all.

It's pretty obvious that Nintendo is going to release a new version of the DS eventually, so the rumour could well be true though. The changes mentioned are all plausible and possible, though removing the GBA slot may well annoy some of those wanting to get in on the lively homebrew scene.

So, what do you think? Pure gossip or something more? Would you pick up a new DS or are you happy with your current handheld? I know my DS Lite currently satisfies all my needs - but those bigger screens do sound tempting. Let us know your thoughts in the forum.
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