New Soldier of Fortune banned in Australia

Written by Joe Martin

October 18, 2007 | 14:52

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The new Soldier of Fortune game, which was only announced back at the very end of June this year, has already been shot down in Australia.

The third title in the massively gory series has been refused classification in Australia, for reasons that haven't yet been formally announced though it's obviously going to be to do with the gory and ultra-realistic violence. It's not like they can accuse Soldier of Fortune: Payback of over-saturating players with adorable bunnies, can they?

The title allows players to blow limbs off of enemies and can get incredibly gory from the look of the new trailer.

The Australian classification both, the OFLC, has refused classification for the game which prevents it from going on sale in Australia as no retailer is allowed to sell an unrated game.

The IEAA, the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, is currently stepping up a campaign to introduce an R18+ classification for the country, claiming that Australia is the only developed country not to have such a rating band. Any title exceeding the MA15+ rating is automatically refused classification and prevented from going on sale.

Other banned titles include Postal 2, Narc, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life and, obviously, Manhunt, according to The Age Blog.

How do you think ratings should be handled or should we leave it all up to personal choice? Is that a realistic option when young children are involved? Drop your thoughts into the forums.
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