Nintendo: Wii gamers are hardcore too

Written by Joe Martin

May 22, 2008 | 12:49

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The general consensus for the Nintendo Wii is that it makes a great party console, is good for groups of people and families and is a great way to get non-gamers involved in our favourite past time. What it isn't though is a console primarily targeted at the hardcore crowd, or is it?

According to Cammie Dunaway's speech at the Electronic Gaming Summit yesterday, the Wii is very much a console for hardcore gamers, as backed up by the numbers!

According to Nintendo of America, 79 percent of Wii gamers are males over the age of 18 and with an average income of $50,000 USD. More than half of that number game for more than five hours a week too.

In fact she said, although the people who buy the Wii are fairly typical hardcore players, it's the other household members who are seen playing the Wii that aren't typical gamers.

Around half of the other household members who play on the Wii are almost the exact opposite of the previous audence; women over the age of 25, 65 percent of whom play for only two hours a week.

"The real break-through, the real magic of the Wii console is that it brought new consumers into the game," she said before descending into teary-eyed PR speak. "We hope everyone will join us in showing everyone just how much fun video games can be."

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