Nintendo announces new, 3D DS

Written by Joe Martin

March 23, 2010 | 10:51

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Nintendo has bravely and suddenly announced the next iteration in it's hugely successful line of DS consoles, the 3DS. As the name suggests, it'll be a DS handheld that offers 3D gaming.

Nintendo has kept close-lipped on many of the details for now, promising to unveil more specifics at E3 2010, but we do know that the 3DS will not require 3D glasses and that the system will be completely compatible with older DS games.

The 3DS is also currently set for a 2011 launch, so those of you who just rushed out to buy a DSiXL, the latest model in the DS line, will be happy that it wasn't totally wasted money.

Nintendo's DS line has so far sold more than 125 million units across the four current models - the DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSiXL.

We'll admit, though rumours that Nintendo has had a new DS in the works have been circulating for a while, we did check the date when we first saw the announcement - had April 1st crept up on us? But no, the 3DS is a genuine announcement and, providing Nintendo can fully deliver on the promise of goggle-less 3D gaming and backwards compatibility, it's a potentially tempting one too.

The timing of the 3DS couldn't be better either, with major handheld publishers like Ubisoft recently announcing that they will scale back support for the platform as sales continue to fall - a new SKU based around 3D could be just the rejuvenation Nintendo is looking for.

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