2K announces BioShock Infinite

Written by Joe Martin

August 13, 2010 | 11:32

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2K Games and Irrational Games have announced a new BioShock game is in the works, titled BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite is set for a 2012 release, will be developed by the team behind the original BioShock game and will move the series into a new setting.

BioShock Infinite, which was unveiled with a new teaser trailer, will move players out of Rapture and into Columbia - a floating American city which mysteriously disappeared in suspicious circumstances.

Players will be cast as detective Booker DeWitt, who is hired to locate and rescue a woman from the strife-ridden city.

Columbia itself will feature many familiar ideas and mechanics from the previous BioShock games, such as giant robot-like enemies and the use of Plasmid-style power-ups. Environmental hazards will also return, with preview materials showing the player electrocuting crowds of enemies once they have been soaked in water.

Infinite will also mark a departure from the hallmarks of the previous game however, putting players in the role of a specific character and having them team up with an NPC for the majority of the adventure. Also, it's not underwater.

Initial reactions to BioShock Infinite have been mixed, with excitement often tempered by the worry that Infinite will only repeat BioShock's failings in a new setting.

Check out our original BioShock and BioShock 2 review for more information on the games, then check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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