Aliens vs Predator demo now on Steam

Written by Joe Martin

February 4, 2010 | 13:26

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Rebellion and Sega have quickly and quietly released a demo of upcoming horror-shooter Aliens vs Predator, letting players get hands on with the game for the first time.

The demo isn't totally complete however and allows access to just one map, The Refinery, and only in Deathmatch mode. Forum discussion also suggests that the demo doesn't use dedicated servers.

On the plus side though, the demo does allow access to all three races, the Marine, Alien and Predator, so players will have a chance to test out their favourite breed of killer.

The demo is currently available on Steam for PC, though it's also available on Xbox Live and PSN if you'd prefer to play the game with your thumbs, rather than your fingers.

The full release will boast a number of new multiplayer modes, as well as three singleplayer campaigns (one per race) and a co-op mode that lets four Marines square off against AI controlled Aliens.

You can check our hands-on preview of Aliens vs Predator for more information, as well as our interview with Rebellion CEO and TIGA founder Jason Kingsley.

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