Army using games, TV to recruit

Written by Joe Martin

April 7, 2009 | 12:38

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The British Armed Forces has launched a new combined television and videogame advertising campaign in an effort to help attract more young people into enlisting with the military.

The new campaign, called 'Start Thinking Soldier' directs TV viewers to a website that features an amalgamation of different game styles in an effort to entice and involve players. The Start Thinking Soldier website starts with an interactive video in an FPS perspective, before giving players multiple choices for how the action unfolds. From there the game becomes a fusion of point-and-click adventure and first-person shooter.

The new advertising campaign has been targeted specifically at appealing to the 17 - 21 age demographic, as research has apparently shown that more than 68 percent of people in that age bracket still don't have a career path planned.

The television adverts are currently airing on British TV and cover the topics of teamwork, decision making, leadership and general fitness, each of which ends in the question 'What would you do?' and a link to the site.

The British military is by no means the only military group using games to attract recruits, as America has long used the popular online shooter America's Army for the same purpose. Konami has also recently announced a new game based on the real experiences of US marines in the battle of Fallouja in 2004.

Would a videogame ever persuade you to sign up? What's your opinion on this form of advertising? Let us hear your thoughts in the forums.
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