Bethesda teases Fallout 4 high-res texture pack

January 31, 2017 | 11:37

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Bethesda has announced plans to release a free update for Fallout 4 on Windows which vastly improves the visual fidelity courtesy of an official high-resolution texture pack, along with a graphical boost for those playing the game on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

The upcoming patch for the Windows version of post-apocalyptic shooter Fallout 4 will, Bethesda has announced, bring an official high-resolution texture pack to the game for the first time. Using this, the quality of the graphics will be greatly enhanced without the need to lean on third-party mods - but only if you've got a beefy enough PC.

According to Bethesda's recommended specifications for the game, players wishing to enable the high-resolution texture pack will be expected to have at least a Core i7-5820K or better, 8GB or more of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GPU or better. The textures also require an additional 58GB of storage space in the game's installation folder.

'We’re excited to announce the release of the game’s High-Resolution Texture Pack. Consider this free download a love letter to our amazing PC fans that have supported us – not just with Fallout 4, but across multiple decades and games,' the company said in its official announcement. 'If your system can handle it, the Commonwealth will look better than ever. Give it a shot and if you need to return to the original textures, you can disable them within the game’s launcher menu.'

Those playing the game on Sony's shiny new PlayStation 4 platform, meanwhile, can expect a similar free update to drop some time next week. While not offering the same high-resolution textures as the PC patch, the update increases the native rendering resolution to 1440p, increases the draw distance for trees, grass, objects, and non-player characters, and enhances the god-ray lighting effects.
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