Battlefield 4 netcode fixes 'one of the top priorities'

March 4, 2014 | 10:34

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EA studio DICE has claimed that fixing the networking code in its first-person shooter Battlefield 4 is 'one of the top priorities' and will be addressed in upcoming patches.

Battlefield 4 has had something of a rocky launch: a distributed denial of service took multiplayer functionality down for some, but merely served to mask fundamental flaws in the online mode bad enough for DICE to suspend all other development until the issues were deemed resolved. Investors in Electronic Arts, owner of DICE, even filed a lawsuit claiming the company had made 'materially false and misleading statements highlighting the purported strength' of the game.

The game has received several patches across all platforms since launch, but the multiplayer code is still struggling to offer the performance its players demand. Accordingly, DICE has offered a statement in which the studio pledges to fix the netcode issues - 'problems ranging between faulty networking latency compensation and glitches in the gameplay simulation itself' - as 'one of the top priorities.'

'We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you’re hit, and the way other players’ actions are shown on your screen,' the company claimed. 'The game receives updates from the game server and displays these to the player using a system called latency compensation – this system makes sure players move around naturally on your screen when network updates arrive. We have found and fixed several issues with latency compensation, and thereby decreased the impressions of “one hit kills” in the game. We have also fixed several issues that could lead to rubber banding, and we are working on fixing several more.'

No date has been provided for when players can expect a trouble-free multiplayer experience.
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