BioShock 2 details emerge

Written by Joe Martin

March 11, 2009 | 11:57

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Details have begun to emerge on the upcoming BioShock 2, sequel to the critically acclaimed spiritual successor to System Shock 2, including the confirmation that the game will return to the underwater city of Rapture.

The new details on the much-anticipated game were dropped in an investors call held by Take-Two today, but will be further elaborated on in the April edition of American games magazine Game Informer, according to Joystiq.

According to early reports BioShock 2 will definitely be set back in Rapture, the same ramshackle submarine city from the first game. It's not yet been confirmed whether the game will be set after the first game or if it'll act as a prequel though.

Among some of the other details is the unveil of a new character type which Take-Two hopes will be the equivalent of the iconic Big Daddy from the first game, dubbed Big Sisters. The Big Sisters are apparently more streamlined, polished and agile versions of the Big Daddies, who likewise have a very close connection to the little sisters.

Some of the news is sure to disappoint fans of the first game who may have hoped that Bioshock 2 would further expand the fictional universe and feature new environments - but we'll hold our own opinions in check until we get to take a look at the game.

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