BioShock 2 has no LAN or dedicated servers

Written by Joe Martin

January 28, 2010 | 12:01

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2K Games has quietly revealed that BioShock 2 will have no support for dedicated servers or LAN gaming, much like Activision did with Modern Warfare 2.

The news was slyly revealed in a massive Multiplayer FAQ that's hosted over at the official site for the game, which tells that the multiplayer experience will be the same across consoles and PC.

"Do you support LAN play on consoles or PC? Do you support dedicated servers?" questioned the blog. "Short answer, no and no," came the reply.

"There is always a finite amount of time for the development of a game. Bringing multiplayer to BioShock was a daunting task between the tech (there was no multiplayer support in the codebase from the first game) and the expectations of the community," explained the FAQ.

"Either you try to do everything and so nothing feels finished or you focus your efforts to do a smaller number of things really well like an accessible online experience. We chose to spend the time we had creating a solid game foundation and unfortunately that did not include LAN play or dedicated servers."

The article also explains that there are no ranked or unranked matches either, though there is a "hybrid system" that allows for players to form parties of up to five players to enter the matchmaking system with. There's also an online leaderboard. Yay.

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