BioShock 2 will feature multiplayer

Written by Joe Martin

March 16, 2009 | 12:09

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More news has been slipping out of the latest issue of Game Informer in the US, revealing more and more details about the much anticipated BioShock 2.

Today's morsel of info is a big one though, namely that the game will definitely feature a multiplayer element, unlike the original game which only had the singleplayer campaign.

When the news broke that the original BioShock wouldn't have any multiplayer gameplay it caused a buzz of disbelief and disappointment, but it seems that the same thing is happening with the reverse too; many fans are a little nervous that the addition of multiplayer may be a bad sign for the game.

Multiplayer won't be the only addition to the fundamentals of the game either, with the news breaking last week that the game would also have some sort of co-op functionality. BioShock 2 will also do away with the iconic Big Daddy character it seems, casting players as the father of a girl who is kidnapped and taken to Rapture.

There's unfortunately no real details on the multiplayer aspect of the game, so it isn't clear whether players can expect a brand new game mode based around the use of plasmids or just a CTF clone.

What are your thoughts on BioShock 2? Let us know whether you're hopeful or prepared for disappointment in the forums.

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