Bioware announces free Dragon Age DLC

Written by Joe Martin

October 8, 2009 | 12:12

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Bioware has announced that it has three lots of downloadable content ready for Dragon Age: Origins when it launches on November 6th, with two of the three packs being made completely free as an anti-piracy effort.

The way Bioware sees it, these downloadable content packs will only be available to those who have a legitimate copy of the game and so will give added value to those who actually buy a proper copy. It's the same reason that many companies launch lavish Collector's Editions of their games.

The first of the free DLC packs is called Stone Prisoner and bestows players with a unique ally that can be recruited to their party - a stone golem with his own storyline and quests who hooks up with the player at the start of the game.

The second free pack is titled Blood Armour and simply gives players an extra bit of armour, which can oddly also be imported to Mass Effect 2 as an added bonus.

The final bit of DLC is one which will be thrown in for free only with the Deluxe Edition of the games, while those who buy the regular version will need to pay for it. Titled Warden's Keep, the pack will cost 560 MS points or around $7 USD (roughly £5 GBP) on PC and PS3 according to GameSpot. It'll add an entirely new dungeon to the game, including new shops, items and six new abilities.

Bioware boss Ray Muzyka is confident that offering added value to legitimate customers is the most effective way to beat pirates, but let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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