Braid delayed for PC

Written by Joe Martin

March 30, 2009 | 10:51

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Much to the distress of certain staff members, namely me, Jonathon Blow has announced that the PC version of Braid has been delayed until August 10th.

Well, kind of. It turns out that developer Jonathon Blow posted the wrong date on his blog originally - the game is actually being delayed until April 10th, which is nowhere near as bad.

According to Blow's blog, the delay has come about due to problems with certain versions of Microsoft Windows which will take some time for him to fix. As such, the PC release of the puzzle-platformer has been pushed back by ten days.

"So, sorry for the delay, I know folks have been waiting a long time for the PC version and it’s not so great to have to wait an extra 10 days, but it’s only so that I can try to ship you guys a version that works well," says Blow.

"Frankly, that is impossible in Windows, but the best I can do is make it work for most people most of the time," he continued.

On the plus side, Blow has promised that he has a special surprise planned for the PC release that revolves around the game music - so you can look forward to that at least. The game will go on sale via the Steam, Impulse, Greenhouse and GamersGate digital distribution platforms.

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