Capcom joins PC Gaming Alliance

Written by Joe Martin

February 4, 2009 | 13:50

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Capcom has announced today that it has just joined the PC Gaming Alliance, which was formed last February back at the Game Developers Conference.

Capcom now joins the likes of AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, Dell, Epic and Activision in the PC Gaming Alliance - a group dedicated to the sole purpose defending the PC gaming industry from accusations that it may be dying.

Also pledging allegiance to the PC Gaming Alliance today is the Guildhall program at South Methodist University in the US - one of the biggest and most widely respected games design courses in the world.

It makes sense for Capcom especially to sign up to the PCGA though, considering that the publisher and developer has long been a supporter of the PC industry and has worked to port nearly all of its best games to PC at some point, something they usually do quite well too.

The actual worth of the PC Gaming Alliance is still a bit questionable though, it has to be said. Ever since it was formed the group has been decidedly inactive and quiet about what it may or may not be doing, though we do continue to hear rumours about how the group is discussing new ways to combat piracy and restore faith in the PC gaming industry. At the same time though, actual proof of these efforts are lacking.

What exactly is the PC Gaming Alliance good for then? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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