Call of Duty Elite closing down tomorrow

February 27, 2014 | 11:03

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Activision's Call of Duty Elite social networking service officially closes its doors tomorrow, after the company launched a competing app alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Originally announced back in 2011, Call of Duty Elite had something of a rocky start with the PC version of the service being delayed. At the time, Activision's Dan Amrich earned the enmity of the PC gaming population with the claim that 'the PC is an insecure platform; without a central, trusted resource for stats, a lot of our competition features become unfair.'

When the service finally did launch, it brought with it a subscription fee of £34.99 a year for which gamers could expect 20 pieces of downloadable content over a nine-month period, competitions with real-world prizes, official game leagues, various benefits for clan-based gaming, private social networking functionality, and increased storage for video sharing.

Despite a seemingly impressive list of features, and an exclusive founder's emblem for early adopters, Call of Duty Elite was not a great success. The launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts saw a companion app which duplicated much of the functionality of Call of Duty Elite, with Activision winding down its support for both Call of Duty Elite and the previous titles it supported.

'Call of Duty Elite was designed to work with prior Call of Duty games and has begun winding down support for those titles since late last year, which ends on February 28, 2014,' Activision noted in its official announcement. 'There are no plans to bring Call of Duty Elite back.'

From tomorrow, clan and clan management tools will cease to function and medals will no longer be viewable, although Activision notes that statistics will still be available in-game, as will gameplay footage which has been stored in-game or uploaded to YouTube through the Call of Duty Elite service.
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