Destiny 2 crash reported by Ryzen 3000 series users

July 9, 2019 | 09:41

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Early adopters of AMD's impressive third-generation Ryzen 3000 series processors are reporting teething issues with massively multiplayer shooter Destiny 2, claiming that the game simply won't load on a Ryzen 3000 system.

AMD's Ryzen 3000 family of processors, based on the third-generation Zen 2 microarchitecture, are undeniably impressive - but gamers who have picked up the parts are complaining of a bizarre compatibility issue between the chips and Bungie's Destiny 2 massively multiplayer online shooter. When installed on a system with a Ryzen 3000 processor, the game simply fails to load and hangs until force-quit through Windows' Task Manager.

The issue has been reported on social media and Bungie's own community forums, and publicised via MS Power User, and appears to have no immediate resolution: Those affected report that no troubleshooting - including everything from running the game as an administrator, updating drivers, reinstalling the game, using Windows' compatibility mode settings, and even completely reinstalling Windows from scratch - has any effect on the bug.

Bungie has confirmed that it is investigating the issue, though currently has no explanation for the bug nor timescale for a fix. Those who are currently building a Ryzen 3000 series system, though, will be pleased to hear that the issue appears limited to Destiny 2 at present with no other games seemingly affected.

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