Dragon Age flash game on the way

Written by Joe Martin

October 15, 2009 | 12:04

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Electronic Arts has revealed that it will soon be launching a new Flash game based on Dragon Age: Origins, dubbed Dragon Age: Journeys.

Journeys has already been in development for one year and is being put together by EA's internal flash development team, EA 2D - who say they have "big plans" for the title.

Rather than being some poorly strung-together collection of mini-games, Journeys looks to be a pretty impressive and extensive Flash game by the sounds of it. EA 2D has already announced that the first three chapters of the game will be a full-on, singleplayer tactical RPG.

The first chapter of the game, titled The Deep Roads, will be set in the Dwarven city Orzzammar, while later chapters will expand the world and introduce new areas.

"At EA 2D it is our mission to create blockbusters for the browser; some will be original games created by our teams and some will be games within other EA franchises, such as Dragon Age Journeys," said EA 2D's Ethan Levy via an official blog post.

"The leading force behind The Deep Roads is Daniel Stradwick, creator of the excellent flash rpg series Monster’s Den. Art and animation has been created by the illustrious Adam Phillips of Bitey Castle fame. Additional programming is being done by Andrew Sega, who created the Magic the Gathering inspired flash card games Mytheria and the multiplayer Armor Wars."

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