Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will launch Star Wars: The Old Republic this year, though it hasn't yet committed to a specific release date.

EA and developer Bioware have confirmed, however, that they will commence a series of beta test weekends this September. These beta sessions will be opened only to selected players.

Pre-orders were unveiled for Star Wars: The Old Republic yesterday, with three different versions of the game up for grabs. A £129.99 Collector's Edition copy formed the top-end option, while EA drew ire for the £59.99 pricing of a Origin-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition.

We had a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic a short while ago and weren't impressed by what we saw, prompting Bit-Gamer columnist Richard Cobbett to write further on the issue in The Trouble With Lightsabers.

Everyone agrees that the trailers are beautiful, however, so check out our favourite one below and let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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