EA Play comes to Xbox Game Pass this December

Written by Jennifer Allen

September 30, 2020 | 15:00

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Microsoft has confirmed that EA Play will become part of Xbox Game Pass with PC players getting to enjoy the service from December.

That's about a month later than Xbox players have to wait as they get EA Play from November 10th (also the launch date of the Xbox Series X), but that's not bad at all for no extra fee on top of the usual Xbox Game Pass deal.

EA Play will be available through both the standard Xbox Game Pass PC subscription and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle which also includes both PC and console Game Pass, along with Xbox Live Gold and access to xCloud streaming services. The former costs £7.99 per month while Ultimate works out at £10.99. Both are generally found for less if you shop around.

EA Play is usually priced at £4.99 per month and includes access to many of EA's older titles such as Titanfall 2, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, along with all things Battlefield, and a number of older EA Sports games. In all, it works out at over 60 different games with a steady stream of new content too. Notably, it generally takes about a year for new games to arrive on the service. 

That means if you want day one access to many new games from EA, you'll still need to sign up to EA Play Pro for £14.99 via the Origin launcher, but it's likely that EA Play bundled in with Xbox Game Pass should keep the majority of players happy enough. 

Xbox Game Pass is looking like an increasingly attractive proposition if you don't mind not owning many of your games. With Microsoft's recent acquisition of Bethesda, there's news of highly anticipated space epic, Starfield, coming to the service, as well as Doom Eternal later in 2020. 

PC gamers seem to be receiving some games a little later than Xbox owners which suggests that the priority for Microsoft is console players, but at a fairly keenly set price, that feels like a small price to pay right now. After all, you're not going to run out of game options any time soon through such a subscription plan. 

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