Epic: "We're still a PC company"

Written by Joe Martin

July 2, 2010 | 10:30

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Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has once dismissed talk that the Unreal developer has become console focused, reaffirming the studio's commitment to the PC platform.

"I think that's a myth that we've abandoned the PC, it's just not true," Rein told RPS.

"I mean, Bulletstorm is coming out on three platforms; we've just been in this situation where our biggest franchise has been published by a console-holder, and was a very console designed-IP," said Rein.

"Don't confuse Gears of War with everything we do," he insisted..

It's worth pointing out though that Rein's comments come only shortly after Epic president Mike Capps said that piracy on the PC platform had forced the company to focus on consoles. Hmm.

"People are saying ‘why do you hate the PC? You're a console-only company’," said Capps back in May. "It's because the money's on consoles.

Epic's main studio is currently working on Gears of War 3, while subsidiary People Can Fly is working on Bulletstorm. While Gears is an Xbox 360 exclusive, Bulletstorm is a multiplatform title. You can read more about Bulletstorm in our interview with People Can Fly founder Adrian Chmielarz.

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