Gamer's Edition launches limited indie collectables

March 10, 2015 | 12:00

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Publishing and media firm Gamer Network has launch a new crowd-funding site which aims to produce limited collector's editions of popular indie games, starting with Hotline Miami and Papers, Please.

Gamer's Edition, launched yesterday by Eurogamer owner Gamer Network and collectibles creator Idea Planet, is looking to bring the big-box experience enjoyed by buyers of triple-A titles to the indie crowd. Each Edition, as the releases are known, will be strictly limited and sold under a crowd-funding approach: a mock-up is created and priced, and only if a set number of buyers are found will production go ahead.

The first game to enjoy the Gamer's Edition treatment is Hotline Miami, which is being bundled with its sequel in a pack which includes physical copies of the games in limited-edition DVD packaging, Steam keys, a C90 mix tape of music from the game, trade paperback comic, five physical trading cards, a custom art card, and a spraypaint stencil. Requiring 2,500 orders in the next month to reach production, the pack is priced at $60 plus shipping.

The second is dystopian bureaucracy-'em-up Papers, Please, which is priced at a higher $70 for a bundle which includes a copy of the game on Steam, a keyring for 'winning' the Labour Lottery, a passport and paperwork set, a pair of stamps - Approved and Denied - plus ink pad, poster, paper suitcase, set of Arstotzkhan stamps, an inspector's pin badge, and a hard copy of the in-game rulebook. 1,500 orders are required for production to begin.

Gamer's Edition has indicated that the collectable editions available through the site will be exclusive, and not repeated following their production and sale. More games are due to appear on the site soon, but the company has not indicated what will happen to the planned collector's editions if the minimum order quantity is not met before the self-imposed deadline expires.

More information is available on the official website.
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