Techland unveils £250K Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition

February 25, 2015 | 11:20

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Techland has announced a partnership with Game to launch one of the more ridiculous collector's editions of recent years, priced at £250,000 in order to promote its zombie survival title Dying Light.

Critically well-received, Dying Light builds on Techland's previous works in the genre with an open-world environment and the player character's ability to perform parkour-like traversals of the environment. Coupled with craftable weaponry, the usual plotlines and plenty of varied zombies, the game has been selling well - but is unlikely to shift too many copies of the My Apocalypse Edition, which is being 'sold' (read: advertised) through high-street retailer Game.

Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition brings together four copies of the game for Xbox One, all in steel-box packaging and signed by the development team, along with two pairs of Razer Tiamat headphones - the other two players, presumably, having to play the game in silence. Branded night-vision goggles are also bundled, along with the amusing inclusion of adult nappies 'for Dying Light's night-time gameplay.' If that wasn't enough, the pack also includes a full-scale statue of a Volatile zombie, and real-world parkour lessons with professional free-runners Ampisound. The well-heeled gamer picking up the collector's edition will also be digitised into the game, where their face will form part of the Night Hunter model in a future content update.

The above is still not enough to justify the price-tag, so Techland has packed in a few extras. The first is a round-trip ticket to visit the developer in Poland and discuss the game with the fictional 'Steve the Zombie Consultant' (not a person consulting on the topic of zombies, it must be noted, but an 'actual zombie' acting as a consultant for the company) before playing the development team in a rigged match the buyer is guaranteed to win. Finally, Tiger Log Cabins will provide the buyer with a custom-built 'zombie-proof shelter' just in case the game turns out to be prescient in any way. The log cabin will include two floors with escape hatch and vantage points and a living area equipped with TV, Xbox One console and a sound system along with 'all live-in amenities.'

This collector's edition isn't the craziest to ever launch, of course: back in 2013 Deep Silver promoted Saint's Row IV with a Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition featuring a $1 million price-tag. For that high cost of entry, players received a trip into space on Virgin Galactic, full-size replica Dub-Step Gun, hostage rescue experience, plastic surgery, a personalised shopper, spy training day, capsule wardrobe, a week at the Top Royal Suite of the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai and a week for two in Washington DC's Jefferson Hotel with first-class flights included to both destinations, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Toyota Prius, and a year's membership to a super-car club - but, unlike Techland's generous offer, just one copy of the game. As before, Game was involved in 'selling' (read: advertising) the pack.

The Xbox One-exclusive Dying Light: My Apocalpyse Edition is available for pre-order now at Game, with only one copy available - and, at £250,000, likely to remain available.
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