Half-Life mod, Sven Co-op, coming to Steam

Written by David Hing

July 18, 2013 | 17:12

Tags: #half-life

Companies: #steam #valve

Popular Half-Life mod Sven Co-op is coming to Steam with the help of Valve.

The team has been working on the mod for approximately 15 years and is now going to work on their own custom version of the Half-Life engine with Valve's permission in order to bring the next version of Sven Co-op to Steam.

The new version will be a standalone game and will not require a copy of Half-Life to run, meaning it will be free to all Steam users. Through Valve's SteamPipe system, it will also be enabled to perform "frequent and rapid updates" as work on the project continues.

With tweaks to the engine, the team says it will be able to work on larger and more detailed worlds and enhanced stability and performance.

'We are grateful beyond expression to Valve for their generosity and efforts put forth to make this possible,' said artist Josh Polito on the Sven Co-op forums. 'We're looking forward to working with one of the greatest game engines ever made, and we can assure everyone that there are many, many more updates to come.'

Sven Co-op was first released in 1999, even before Team Fortress Classic, making it the oldest Half-Life mod still in development. At present, the mod is listed on Steam but needs to be downloaded from an external site.
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