The Stanley Parable hits 1 million sales milestone

Written by David Hing

October 23, 2014 | 11:57

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First-person narrate-em-up The Stanley Parable has sold more than one million copies according to developer Davey Wreden.

The game, which started out as a Half-Life 2 mod and is best described as first-person interactive fiction, was released last October. In The Stanley Parable, players explore the environment whilst a narrator delivers information on what’s going on, gives suggestions and gets annoyed if the player deviates too far from what he’s suggested.

’A few years ago no one had any idea who I was. Today The Stanley Parable has sold a million copies. Thank you,’ said developer Davey Wreden on Twitter.

Wreden’s initial design document for The Stanley Parable listed the game’s intentions as to ‘mess with the player’s head in every way possible, throwing them off-guard, or pretending there’s an answer and then kinda whisking it away from in front of them.’

’The Stanley Parable has sold over a million copies. The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley. It might make him fractious. Or big-headed,’ said actor and voice of the narrator Kevan Brighting.

The Stanley Parable was launched to a strong critical reception and the game gained extra notoriety for having a unique demo that was not a part of the main game but managed to give a perfect example of what players could expect from the full game.
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