Superhot, Mod DB team up for creative competition

January 18, 2017 | 11:18

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The creators of time-bending first-person shatter-'em-up Superhot have announced a creative competition with prizes up to and including a publishing contract worth nearly £41,000.

Launched early last year following the stand-out success of its prototype release, Superhot offered a minimalist twist on the first-person shooter with one key gimmick: Time, by and large, moves only when you do. What would have normally been a frenetic and fast-paced blaster thus turns into a carefully-planned strategy title, with the added bonus that you can view and share a level's run-through in real-time speed once you've completed it.

Now, Superhot's eponymous developer has teamed up with game modding site Mod DB to launch a competition in which the top prize is a $50,000 (around £41,000) publishing contract with IMGN.PRO, which published Superhot Team's game.

The competition is split into two sections. The first looks for modders to develop standalone games or mods which take their inspiration from Superhot, and counts among its prizes cash, high-end computing hardware, and Oculus Rift units. The second, dubbed Arts & Crafts, is more open, allowing those without programming knowledge to compete for prizes including an Xbox One console, a Gear VR headset, and cash.

Both categories are open now through until February 26th, with full details available on the official website.
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