Written by Jake Tucker

August 3, 2015 | 00:27

Tags: #beta #fps #trailer

Companies: #superhot

What's cooler than cool?

Depending on who you ask, they might suggest the answer is ice cold or perhaps brisk. They're wrong. The answer is: this SUPERHOT trailer.

The time-dilation shooter has just released a beta to those who backed the game for more than 40 bucks on Kickstarter. See the seemingly nameless developer's statement and details on how to claim your key if you were one of the backers here.

The original prototype of the game was created during the 7 Day FPS gamejam in 2014 and won a lot of praise: It's a normal shooter, except that time only moves when you do. This means you can play it as a mix between Quake and Frozen Synapse, stopping after every shot to look for a safe route. Play it on the SUPERHOT site here.

The full game looks to be bigger, better and has added a few extra weapons to the arsenal with shotguns, baseball bats and even the trusty wineglass making an appearance. The game looks absolutely beautiful with the abstracted art-style so if you didn't back the game do yourself a favour and check out the beta gameplay trailer here.
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