Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way to the PC this summer

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 11, 2020 | 11:00

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It looks like PlayStation exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, is making its way to the PC this Summer, at least if a Steam store page is anything to go by.

Skipping past a 'proper' announcement, various sources have spotted the existence of a Steam page devoted to Horizon Zero Dawn, previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The game has you play Aloy, a man living in an alternate reality where dinosaur-style machines have taken over the world, returning the land to a wilder, much harsher landscape. 

The game plays out as part Monster Hunter style action with a level of exploration that would rival The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. That sounds thrilling and it reviewed fairly well at launch, although perhaps don't expect it to hit the lofty heights of The Witcher III when it comes to storytelling. Still, it's a vast open-world experience and likely to be quite compelling as you figure out what led to humanity's downfall and fight to survive while tackling huge monsters.

The PC build will feature both the base game and the Frozen Wilds expansion pack, hence the designation of it being the Complete Edition. It means more hours of content, new equipment, new lands to explore, skills, and some new machines to defeat. 

It's quite a coup for PC players as Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those exclusives that's made PlayStation 4 ownership look quite compelling in recent times. It looked gorgeous on the console, so we can only begin to imagine how great it'll look on the PC. Obviously, no technical details have been released yet but expect this to demand some serious hardware to look so beautiful. 

Interestingly, Horizon Zero Dawn will be launched under Sony's PlayStation Mobile publishing arm, which has previously been used for much smaller titles. Does that mean more exclusives coming the PC's way? According to an interview with Sony's head of worldwide studios, Hermen Hulst, that won't be the case. “...to maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game will now come to PC,” he explained. “In my mind, Horizon: Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance,” he finished. 

Horizon Zero Dawn was made using Guerilla's Decima engine which also powers Death Stranding so in this case, it's a fairly logical move to port across given that game is also being released for the PC later this year. 

Still, if you've been keen to try out more ex-PlayStation exclusives, this summer should be a good time for doing so. 

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