HTC refreshes Vive software bundle with two new titles

August 15, 2016 | 13:08

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Mobile maker turned star of the virtual reality market HTC has announced a new content bundle for its Vive VR headset, which offers buyers Zombie Training Simulator and The Gallery Episode 1 alongside previous freebie Tilt Brush.

With virtual reality hardware now finally available at retail, focus has shifted onto producing content valuable enough to justify the high investment required to get into the new VR revolution. Previously, those picking up a Vive headset from HTC received Google's Tilt Brush painting package along with copies of Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator; now, though, the old bundle is out in favour of a new one with a broader focus on story-driven content.

Those buying Vive bundles from now onwards, HTC has announced, will receive Steam codes for The Gallery Episode 1: Call of the Starseed and Zombie Training Simulator, along with Tilt Brush from the old bundle. The former is the first of a planned episodic series of games inspired by 80s fantasy films, one of the first strongly story-driven titles built for the current generation of virtual reality hardware, while the latter is yet another of the sandbox playground titles associated with the Vive and Oculus VR's rival Rift.

The new bundle is live now, although HTC has warned that the games are available in 'limited quantities' - a strange concept for digital goods which can be infinitely duplicated at near-zero cost - with no indication of precisely when stocks may run low. The previous bundle games, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator, can still be purchased separately for anyone looking to complete the set.
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