League of Legends tackling fake player issues

Written by David Hing

October 15, 2014 | 13:11

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Riot Games is attempting to tackle its fake player problem that it is suffering from with its massively popular MOBA League of Legends.

At present, League of Legends has a significant issue with bots clogging up the game which the developer suspects is as a result of its refer-a-friend scheme. By altering the terms of this, Riot hopes to solve the problem.

Prior to the change, the refer-a-friend scheme gave rewards to players who invited friends to play League of Legends, with more rewards the more that friend went on to level up.

These rewards got even bigger if players referred significant numbers of friends, with very tempting rewards at the 25 and 50 referrals mark, which was likely pushing players to try to cheat the program.

’Any rewards program like RAF runs the risk of some participants trying to game the system, and ordinarily we might tolerate low levels of fringe misuse if it meant we were still doing right by the vast majority of players,’ said a Riot spokesperson. ’RAF abuse was increasingly degrading the average players' experience, forcing us to contemplate changes.’

According to Riot, 70% of those who have referred 10 or more friends to the game are abusing the system in some way. With players that have made 100 or more referrals, that percentage rises to 99%. Overall however, this is only 1.4% of the total player population of approximately 27 million daily players.

The new scheme will now only allow players to refer a total of five friends, cutting out a lot of the motivations for using bots. Riot does however admit that its refer-a-friend scheme is not the only thing contributing to the fake player issue and will continue to look in to ways of resolving the problem.
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