Multiplayer hinted for Mass Effect 2

Written by Joe Martin

April 1, 2009 | 13:54

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BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka have hinted that multiplayer may feature in Mass Effect 2 in some form, though the RPG developer hasn't yet officially confirmed such a thing.

When pressed about the topic of co-op play in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, the BioWare bosses said only that the full feature set for Mass Effect 2 hadn't yet been fully disclosed.

Ray Muzyka did say however that, on a broad level, multiplayer was something that BioWare was very interested in exploring in future titles.

"Multiplayer has to be central to the game to make sense. I think you see examples of games that have thrown in multiplayer modes that don't make any sense and then you see games that are built from the ground up as co-op experiences," continued Greg Zeschuk.

The duo also refused to comment on how savegames from the first Mass Effect would be relevant to the sequel either, though they still advise that players hang on to their current savegames as they will be used in some way.

Other than that, Mass Effect 2 is apparently going to focus on correcting mistakes with the previous games and honing the feeling of combat and exploration. Both BioWare bosses said that they wanted the game to feel like a much more fluid shooter, while also making sidequests and uncharted planets feel more unique in the sequel.

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