New details emerge about Halo: Reach just in time for its launch next week

Written by Jennifer Allen

November 25, 2019 | 12:00

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With Halo: Reach finally launching for the PC in just over a week's time, developer 343 Industries has released some new details about the game, including confirmation that it has an uncapped frame rate.

That's thanks to Halo: Reach supporting variable frame rate from launch. It means that you can get the frame rate as high as your monitor's refresh rate and your hardware will allow with no hard limit implemented by the developer. This feels like the perfect opportunity to see just how far your hardware can push the nearly-10-year-old game in its remastered form. 

Elsewhere, there have been tweaks to numerous issues that were noticed during the beta test earlier this year. These include fixes to mouse input speed, accuracy problems, audio and V-Sync bugs, user interface crashes, and server connection issues. A push-to-talk button is being added as well, along with more servers. 

Work is also being conducted on controller aim assist, but notably 343 Industries has pointed out that there will be no changes to auto-aim at this time. Instead, plans are afoot to work out the best ways of getting the balance right between mouse and keyboard or controller use. The blog post by the developer suggests that the team has been listening to the community about the possibility of an 'opt-in' option that would involve splitting the population depending on how you interact with the game. Nothing has been confirmed yet though. 

In other continuing news, audio issues are also referenced with suggestions that it'll 'take some time to work through solutions to improve the overall experience for audio' but that 'work is already underway'.

Perhaps more positively, the launch of the first part of The Master Chief Collection means that players will get access to the Halo level editor, Forge, and there are extra items there on top of the existing content that Xbox One owners have benefited from via the release. These include new space vehicles such as the Sabre and Seraph from the Halo: Reach campaign, along with civilian vehicles too. 

Also of interest in the blog post was the announcement that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be available for beta testing in early 2020. Providing, that is, you're signed up to the Halo Insider Program, something you can do here

For now, if you pre-order Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you'll gain access to Halo: Reach from December 3rd with the rest of the franchise coming at a later date. 

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