New Playboy MMO announced

Written by Joe Martin

May 11, 2009 | 11:16

Tags: #casual #mmo

Companies: #playboy

Playboy magazine is apparently readying to again enter the world of computer games after 2005's Playboy: The Mansion, this time as a newly announced MMO game.

Dubbed Playboy Manager, the latest game to be based on the magazine will be a massively multiplayer model management game where players have to endeavor to get their models labeled as Playmate, complete with a room in the mansion.

Anyone hoping for a, um, 'hardcore' gaming experience from Playboy Manager may be a little disappointed though as the title will apparently be a fairly casual thing according to developers. That means we can sleep with other games, right?

Jolt Online Gaming will be making the game free too, as well as completely browser-based, so will presumably be financing the game through adverts and/or microtransactions - though the official site, which is currently taking pre-registrations, doesn't hint which.

Interestingly, Playboy Manager looks to be an utterly turn-based type of game too, with gameplay involving a trading-card style system if early reports are to be believed. More interestingly, there'll be pictures of your models and their photoshoots too. So, yay for those of you who need to legitimize your adult surfing habits by wrapping it around a game.

Games based on sex and nudity have usually struggled to win players over with their gameplay or intelligence, but if you can think of any exceptions to that rule of thumb then let us know in the forums.
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