Nvidia adds multi-track audio to GeForce Experience recordings

July 28, 2017 | 06:05

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Nvidia is once again targeting the game streaming crowd with the announcement of a GeForce Experience beta which adds multi-track audio - the ability to record microphone audio separately from in-game audio - for the first time.

Originally developed as a simple way to keep your graphics drivers up-to-date, Nvidia's GeForce Experience package has morphed over the years to include everything from per-game settings recommendations to game sharing and, more recently, simplified console-like game footage streaming functionality. Now, the company has announced the introduction of one major feature previously missing: multi-channel audio recording.

Previously, users recording game footage through GeForce Experience received a file with all audio mixed together. For those narrating their exploits, that meant no easy way to adjust the mixing of game audio and microphone audio - to remove a popular song that would trigger YouTube's copyright watchdog, for instance, or to drop an expletive or two from an otherwise family-friendly stream. GeForce Experience 3.8 Beta, Nvidia has announced, fixes that with the ability to record microphone audio separately from captured game audio.

'From within the "Audio" screen you can configure game volume and system volume using "System Sounds" , the volume and boost of your mic, and which device should be used for your mic,' explains Nvidia's Andrew Burnes in the launch announcement. 'And by clicking "Separate Both Tracks" you can have all GeForce Experience microphone audio recorded to a completely different audio track, leaving you with "clean" game sound even if you were chatting away.'

The feature is currently live in GeForce Experience 3.8 Beta, with no word from Nvidia yet on when it will make it from beta to general release.

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