Nvidia adds sharing, co-op features to GeForce Experience

August 21, 2015 | 12:05

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Nvidia has announced that it is to bring new features to its GeForce Experience software, including sharing functionality inspired by Sony and Microsoft's latest consoles and new cooperative features.

Free for anyone running a support GeForce graphics chip, the GeForce Experience software was originally created to ensure a smooth gameplay experience by downloading configuration files which matched game settings to system specifications. Since launch, Nvidia has been piling on the features, most recently adding the ability to capture video, live-stream to Twitch and even remote gameplay functionality when paired with the company's Shield family of Android-powered mobile devices - a feature doubtless inspired by the ability of Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles to stream selected games to the PlayStation Vita.

In its latest update, Nvidia is bringing yet more console-inspired functionality to desktops with the integration of a sharing system in GeForce Experience. When activated using a simple keyboard shortcut, the sharing system allows for live streaming, continual recording, and DVR-like 'instant replay' saving of the last five to 20 minutes of gameplay. Any recorded footage can then be uploaded directly to YouTube from within the overlay, without the need to exit the game, following the use of a simple cutting process which allows the start and end of the clip to be trimmed.

The new GeForce Experience also adds GameStream Co-Op, a feature which uses the streaming technology the company invented for its Shield hand-held family and GeForce Grid server systems to allow local-style co-op gaming over an internet connection, providing you're using a Maxwell or Kepler GPU. 'With GameStream Co-Op, your friends can simply watch you play in a low latency 1:1 stream, take control of your game with mirrored controls and help you with a tough boss fight in The Witcher 3, or play alongside you in supported multi-controller games like Trine 3, Gauntlet, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15, Mortal Kombat Komplete, and more,' explained Nvidia's Andrew Burnes in the official announcement. 'However you use GameStream Co-Op, you’ll be able to hear your friend with built-in voice chat support, which can be activated and toggled in real-time using the new Share overlay.'

These features will be available, Burnes has explained, in a beta update due to be released in September. An overview of the new software, to whet your appetite, is available in the below video.

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