Paradox Interactive announces Salem MMO

Written by Joe Martin

January 20, 2011 | 23:29

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Salem, a new free to play MMO being created by Haven and Hearth developers Seatribe, has been announced by Paradox Interactive at the Paradox Convention in New York today.

Following in similar footsteps to Seatribe's earlier MMO, Haven and Hearth, Salem will put a heavy focus on player responsibility and politics, as well as permanent character death. When you die, you have to create an entirely new character and start again.

Salem casts players as settlers in a randomly generated 'New World', then leaves them to fend for themselves. All villages, cities and items will have to be fashioned by the players themselves from basic, non-respawning resources. In other words, there's only a finite number of trees (for example) in the world, meaning a limited amount of wood too.

Everything, from currency through to buildings, will be created and maintained by players, with Seatribe claiming they will interfere with the world as little as possible.

Seatribe and Paradox have not yet announced how Salem will be financed, though more details are set to be announced in the future.

Salem impressed us an awful lot, especially as it was created by just a two-man team. There's enormous room for emergent gameplay, obviously, with charismatic players potentially able to rally others under them and change the shape of the world, for example.

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