PC gaming market worth $11 billion

Written by Joe Martin

March 24, 2009 | 11:22

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The PC Gaming Alliance may not be helping an awful lot in the eyes of consumers, but believe it or not the coalition of willing PC developers, manufacturers and publishers has actually been up to quite a lot behind the scenes. Like releasing this new report on the state of the PC gaming market, for example.

According to the PCGA, who released a 2008 report today in conjunction with DFC Intelligence, the PC gaming market is not only the largest in terms of installed userbase, but also one of the most financially stable too - with a worth of over $11 billion.

Despite growing fears that piracy may be damaging the gaming market, DFC found that at least half of that market revenue came from Northern America and Western America. That said, DFC also found that the market was splitting into two very different audiences, with developed markets such as the US, Japan and Europe driving sales in hardcore games while developing markets had more growth in casual games. The PCGA reckons the divide stems from a lack of capable hardware in developing nations.

Regardless of where you are though, it's clear from the numbers that MMOs are the main source of revenue in the PC market. A top-selling PC game can regularly generate over $50 million according to the report, but MMO games are able to perform much better than that. A typical Asian MMO might generate over $100 million, though World of Warcraft is the market leader and generates more than $1 billion alone.

You can read the entire PCGA report (via Kotaku) for more details, as these are just the highlights, but first let us know what you think about the figures in the forums.
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