SecuROM joins PC Gaming Alliance

Written by Joe Martin

April 15, 2009 | 11:12

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The PC Gaming Alliance may have just lost the largest publisher and PC developer in the industry, but they have at least found a replacement in good time. The bad news? That replacement is Sony DADC, the organisation responsible for the SecuROM copy-protection system.

Just yesterday Activision Blizzard announced that it had dropped out of the PCGA due to budget concerns, which is a strange excuse coming from the largest publisher and PC developer in the business. Today, the PC Gaming Alliance has responded by taking Sony DADC on as a replacement, according to GamePolitics.

Sony DADC's SecuROM DRM system has drawn almost universal loathing from the PC gaming community, who have vocally opposed the system and the way it limits user installs of games like BioShock and Spore. Despite this, the DRM solution has still proven popular with publishers such as Electronic Arts, Take-Two and Ubisoft.

While potentially a good sign and a possible hint that Sony DADC is looking to communicate more openly with developers and consumers, the move has been met with suspicion by many.

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