Steam removes some Ubisoft games

Written by Joe Martin

March 22, 2010 | 11:04

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Steam has removed some Ubisoft-published games from the the UK store recently, namely the controversially DRM-infested Assassin's Creed 2 and Silent Hunter 5.

According to Eurogamer though, the choice to remove the games was not because of Ubisoft's use of always-online DRM.

Instead, Ubisoft has said that the games were removed because of a local business decision regarding Steam in the UK, not because of Valve's rumoured displeasure with the publisher's new DRM system.

"The games listed are available for sale in all other countries on Steam. The fact it is not available on Steam UK has nothing to do with the DRM but is linked to a local business discussion between Ubisoft and Steam in UK," said a Ubisoft statement.

A number of other Ubisoft games remain available on Steam in the UK and neither Ubisoft or Valve have commented exactly why the recent games have been pulled, nor why that's only been the case for the UK store.

You can read our Assassin's Creed 2 review for more information on that game, while our Silent Hunter 5 review will be online shortly. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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