TF2 gets in-game store, new minigame

Written by Joe Martin

October 1, 2010 | 09:25

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Valve has announced the introduction of an in-game store to Team Fortress 2, allowing players to buy and sell items, like hats or guns.

The store, which was announced with a typically hilarious comic, ties in to the recently announced Steam Wallet system, which allows players to put credit into an account that can be used on Steam at a later date.

Valve has proclaimed the update as the biggest in TF2's history, as it brings a whole bunch of further smaller updates to the game too - more item sets, paintable items and minigames to name a few. 17 community-designed items have been included in the update too, with the designers getting a cut of the profits from sales.

Item prices range between $0.49 and $4.99 at the moment, with the most expensive item being a knife for the Spy class, while the average price is around the $2 mark. Older items have not yet been added to the store yet, but Valve is said to be working on it.

Item drops will still feature in the game as random rewards for kills, but Valve has confirmed to PC Gamer that some items will never be available anywhere else than in the store. Items bought from the store cannot than be traded.

A new Duelling minigame has been added as well, in which players can challenge each other for extra achievements. When two players enter a duel, they're highlighted to each other and unlock extra bonuses for kills, including free items if you engage in enough duels.

Valve's Robin Walker also told PC Gamer that the developer considered making TF2 free to play too, but ultimately dismissed the idea because "the cost of purchasing TF2 again is the main cost that cheaters pay when we catch them”.

Check out our Team Fortress 2 review for more info on the game, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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