Former Irrational staff announce The Black Glove

October 7, 2014 | 12:20

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Former Irrational Games staffers have joined forces to create a new game dubbed The Black Glove, and have turned to Kickstarter to get the funds they need to finish the game ahead of its launch next year.

Created by Day For Night Games, a team made up of experienced industry staffers who worked together at Irrational Games on BioShock Infinite and series launch title BioShock, The Black Glove is an obvious homage to their previous work while also offering something new and exciting. The game is set in a 1920s theatre dubbed The Equinox, but in a reality filled with holes - through which you can fiddle with time. Historical accuracy takes a back seat to having fun, as the inclusion of a 1980s-style arcade cabinet dubbed The Maze of the Space Minotaur demonstrates.

The game attempts to tie storytelling directly into the experience, rather than using it as the backdrop for shooting cookie-cutter enemies in the face. The theatre is populated by three creators-in-residence: an artist, a filmmaker and a musician. Using the flexible reality within the theatre, the player needs to alter events in each creators' past in order to improve the quality of their current work. The team promises considerable replayability, with decisions made affecting the influences seen in the art - everything from classic eight-bit games to modern animé.

It's an ambitious project, and one that doesn't rely on the first-person shooter 'hook' used to sell the BioShock franchise. Day For Night seems to have plenty of expertise on its side, however: a partial list of developers provided by the fledgling company includes writer Joe Fielder of BioShock Infinite, artists Robb Waters and Chad King - the former best known for designing the murderous artificial intelligence SHODAN from the System Shock franchise and Garret from Thief.

The team is looking to raise an impressive $550,000 in the next month, with nearly $30,000 having been already pledged by from a pool of nearly a thousand backers. Reward levels start at $20 for a downloadable copy of the game on release next year, compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux. More details are available at the official project page.
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