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August 14, 2009 | 10:23

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The CPC and bit-tech Gaming Podcast

Yay! Another podcast – though it’s a little departure from the usual set-up this week and, if things go to plan, an entirely new set-up for the future. From now on we’re going to be trying to bring you twice as many podcasts in fact.

Starting from now we’re going to be trying hard to produce new podcasts every week, not just on a whenever-we-can-be-bothered basis and, to make sure Joe isn’t left out, we’re going to be alternating between a new gaming-only podcast and a tech-only podcast. This one is the gaming one obviously, because Joe is out at GamesCom in Cologne next week.

Joining Joe on the first (and still a little experimental) gaming podcast are the usual suspects; Technical Editor Richard Swinburne, Staff Writer Harry and Custom PC Editor Alex Watson, who’ll be casting their pods about a range of recent gaming topics.

Among the issues discussed this week is the newly announced campaign for Left 4 Dead, the technical issues surrounding id Software’s Rage on the PlayStation 3 and the fact that rapper 50 Cent is getting in on Modern Warfare 2. We also give our unfiltered thoughts on the Ultimate Game Chair and discuss whether goat sex is really appropriate in the upcoming Dragon Age: Origins.

The CPC and bit-tech Gaming Podcast The CPC and bit-tech Gaming Podcast

We’ve got a brand new competition for listeners as well, based on something that came to us in a dream – Guess The Screenshot. We’ve got a copy of surrealist brawler Zeno Clash up for grabs for one lucky listener, so pay close attention to our descriptions when the time comes.

Well, what are you waiting for? Have a listen to the first ever Custom PC and bit-tech Gaming Podcast and let us know what you think in the forums.

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We'd like to thank Shure for supplying microphones for us to use to record these podcasts. The podcast also features music from Brad Sucks. Let us know your thoughts on the podcast in the forums.
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