Futuremark teases Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark

June 24, 2016 | 13:41

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Futuremark, the benchmarking company formerly known as MadOnion.com, has released a teaser trailer for its next 3DMark benchmark release: a DirectX 12-specific gaming test dubbed Time Spy.

To become part of the 3DMark suite alongside Firestrike and Ice Storm, Time Spy represents a two-fold effort on Futuremark's part: it will serve as the company's main DirectX 12 benchmark, and it includes a character with time-bending capabilities who visits a museum featuring various scenes from the company's previous benchmarks - with Futuremark asking users just how many they can spot in the trailer released.

According to Futuremark, Time Spy has been built from the ground up with DirectX 12 in mind: it supports asynchronous compute, multiple GPUs, and can make good use of multiple CPU cores. It will also be free: the company has confirmed that all Windows versions of the 3DMark benchmark will receive a copy of Time Spy, though extra features will only be available to paying users of the higher-end benchmark suite releases.

The teaser trailer is reproduce below, with Futuremark yet to offer a firm launch date for the real thing.

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