Ubisoft announces Bordeaux, Berlin studios

April 20, 2017 | 11:03

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Gaming giant Ubisoft has announced that it is expanding, opening new studios in Bordeaux and Berlin with a focus on 'AAA multiplatform development' based around 'some of the biggest franchises in gaming.'

The company responsible for franchises including Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, various Tom Clancy games, and a range of titles for Nintendo consoles including Imagine: Babyz and Imagine: Party Babyz, Ubisoft is perhaps best known for its troubled development processes which result in frequent delays and serious bugs. It's hard to deny the popularity of its output, though, and times are clearly good for the company: It has announced the impending launch of two new studios to bring its total to nearly 40.

'We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining the best creative talent around the world, and on establishing video games as a viable career option and economic contributor in new locales,' claimed Ubisoft executive director Christine Burgess-Quémard of the company's plan. '[The expansion] enables us to offer more opportunities to skilled graduates and industry veterans in those regions, who in turn will help our highly skilled teams in the development of some of our biggest franchises.'

Ubisoft Bordeaux will join four other studios in Ubisoft's French home - the others being located in Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and Montpellier - with a focus on working on franchises developed by its regional stablemates, including recently launched Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft Berlin, meanwhile, is to work with Ubisoft-owned Blue Byte's Düsseldorf and Mainz studios on what the company describes as 'an unannounced AAA project', with a view to growing its staff to 50 people within the first year of its existence.

For those interested in applying for roles at either studio, Ubisoft has announced it will be listing vacancies on its jobs board soon.
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