Valve wants Team Fortress 2 movie

Written by Joe Martin

June 1, 2009 | 11:19

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The folks at Valve may be looking to make a Team Fortress 2 movie in the future if some of the writers and animators get their way, with Valve's Robin Walker saying that they'd love to work on the project if possible.

The idea has unsurprisingly come about after the 'Meet The...' videos that Valve has released to publicise the character updates for the game, but which were originally developed to help the artists and writers get a stronger idea of the characters.

"The number of people at this point who want us going off and making full length movies and that sort of stuff has got to a point where it's hard to ignore," Robin Walker told Kotaku recently.

"We're not ready to announce anything along those lines, but I don't think there's a person in this company that wouldn't love to see a full-length TF movie or even a 10-minute movie," added Valve's Erik Wolpaw, writer for Portal.

"I'm not just being cagey. I'm a little bit removed from these kinds of things. But they keep giving us a little bit more rope with which to hang ourselves, so who knows."

Valve makes it clear that it isn't yet sure what shape a Team Fortress 2 movie might take - it could be a feature length affair, or it could be a 10 minute long mini-epic, but the drive is there to make something.

Valve has released a total of seven 'Meet The..' character videos, with a few still to go. So far we've met the Sniper, Demoman, Heavy, Soldier, Engineer, Scout, Spy and, um...the Sandvich.

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